Longform Copy

Project background

Targeted audience: Women who struggled with dry, brittle hair but lacked the time and knowledge to begin their hair care journey.

Challenge: Crafting an easy read that walked clients through the process of creating a simple, yet effective hair care routine to achieve healthier, vibrant hair.

Solution: The healthy hair care guide "Slay Your Wash Day" served the perfect blend of conversational tones and instructional direction. The informational e-book bridged the gap for busy women and made it convenient for them to take the first steps to establishing a healthy hair care routine.

Creative process

My process began with persona writing and establishing my tone guide, followed by researching products, ingredients, and recipes that strengthened hair and increased growth without the use of harsh chemicals. I also researched routines that yielded the results my audience needed to solve their problem of dry/damaged hair.

Final results

My completed project was easy to read and contained accessible products for attainable results. It provided loads of information that made the task of achieving healthier hair less daunting and more fun.

The e-book increased sales for CoCo Le France by 47% and increased website visits by 300%.

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